Here Are ALL of OUR OPTIONS For Your Custom Build. 

Size, Jig Style, Color, Hair Color, and Extras (Flash/Feathers)

100’s Of Possibilities 

Weight Head Color Thread Color Hair Color Feather Color Flash Color Price Jig Style
1/8oz White White Red Red Yellow$3.00Stand up Jig
1/4oz Red Yellow Yellow Yellow Wine$3.00Ultra Minnow
1/2oz Pink Pink Wine Purple Black$5.00Smiling Minnow
3/4oz Yellow Chartuse Green/Chartuse Blue Orange$5.50
1oz Wine Blue Pink White Blue$7.00
1 1/2oz Chartuse BlackDark Blue / Lt. Blue Pink Purple$7.50
2oz- 2 1/2oz Blue Red Olive / Brown Green$8.00
3oz Stardust Grey Black / Purple White$13.00
4oz Black Olive Grey Red$14.00
5oz Orange$15.00